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Get to know with grants service

Visit the ‘Information about grants’ page to find out about various grants. You can do it without the strong authentication. On the page describing each grant, you can familiarise yourself with the grant's criteria, preview the application with its questions and find info about the required attachments. You must be signed in to send or edit applications, and to see your application history.

Information about grants pages have a compiled overview of the various allowances granted by the City of Helsinki.

Go through the information related to applying and the application before starting the application process. Current issues and news regarding the allowances can be found on the ‘Information about grants’ page. The pages provide information about changes related to applying or application forms. Go to the page of the appropriate grant. From there you can proceed to the application if you wish.

From the ‘Application search’ tab, you can access the grant pages where you can find descriptions of the awarding criteria for each type of grant. Search filters include a search term, applicant type or object of activity. Most of the grant types can only be applied for by registered entities. You can display only currently available grants by ticking the box ‘Show only the grants that can be applied for’ .

Please familiarise yourself with the grants terms and conditions on the page describing the grant before submitting the application. An explanation of the use of the awarded grant must be provided.

You can learn about the city’s general allowance instructions and the process on the ‘Instructions for applicants’ page.

Information for the user

Proceed as follows:

  1. Start logging into the service from the login link or from the icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Use strong authentication and give your Helsinki profile an email address. Save the code you received from the confirmation email in your Helsinki profile. If you have a Helsinki profile, login with your credentials using strong authentication.
  3. You have logged in as a private person and you are now in the grant e-service as a person with strong authentication.
  4. Change your role if you are accessing the service on behalf of a company or entity.
  • Authorised by a registered entity (authorisation check by authorisation – person acting on behalf as signatory)
  • Acting on behalf of an unregistered entity (strongly authenticated person as signatory)
  • Individual (strongly authenticated person as signatory
  1. The service(Link leads to external service) shows the entities on behalf of which you are authorised to act on. If the entity is not found, go to the service to request authorisation.
  2. Choose your entity and proceed to the grants e-service.

More information about authorisations(Link leads to external service).

The authorisation code needed to submit an grant application in the authorisation service is: Making an allowance application

Making a grant application with authorisation, the authorised person can, on behalf of the authoriser, prepare the allowance application and allowance-related measures, submit them for processing, and maintain the applicant’s entity's own information in the service.

More information about service: Applying for grants(Link leads to external service)

Log out from the login icon in the upper right corner of the page.

The browser cache must be cleared after logging in. With shared devices, you must always clear the browser.

Your personal data is created and maintained in the My services section, under 'My data'. 

Some of the data is filled in automatically via strong authentication and cannot be changed. You can maintain, for example, addresses and bank accounts yourself.

Applying for grants requires completing your own personal information. When applying for a grant the information you have provided in your personal information will automatically be imported into the grant application.

Maintain your own data by pressing the 'Edit own information' or 'Edit community information' button at the bottom left of the page. Remember to save the changes when adding or editing a new address, bank account or person responsible for the activity,

You can access the service page of each type of grant from the ‘Information about grants’ or ‘Search for application’ tabs. On the service page of each grant, you can view the grant' awarding criteria, the content of the application and the required attachments. From that page you can also proceed to fill in the application.

Attachments can be attached to the application and to the message sent from the e-service to the processors. You can remove the attachment from the draft or application before sending it. Attachments cannot be removed from submitted applications. If you want to remove an attachment from your submitted application, contact the application processor, for example, by sending a message using the message function.

Size and file types of the attachments that can be added to applications:

Restriction: 20 MB.
Allowed file types: doc, docx, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx, zip.

After you have sent your application, you will receive a notification about your application status, which is Sent. When the application becomes visible to the person who will be processing it, the status changes to Received. There may be a delay in association with the status changes. You cannot update your application until the status has changed to Received.

Follow the service’s notifications for information about possible maintenance work that can affect your application’s reception.

You will no longer be able to update your application after the application status changes to Processing. You can send messages and attachments that can be attached to the application.

You will no longer be able to send messages and attachments that can be attached to the application after the application status changes to Processed.

When the application has the status Cancelled, you cannot send messages related to your application or attach attachments to it. The application will not be processed.

Application status

  • Sent
  • Received
  • In Preparation
  • Processing
  • Processed
  • Cancelled

In ‘My services’, you can update the application you have sent, monitor the application process and send or receive messages.

The messages from the grant service are always related to a specific submitted application. The sent messages are forwarded to the city’s grant system for the processors of the applications to see. The received messages are sent by the city’s grant processors. The messages arrive both the the grant service and to the e-mail contact provided in the application.

You can send an attachment with a message. Upload the file by pressing the ‘add file’ button and enter a short description of the contents of the attachment in the attachment description field, then press the Send button.