Hiring grant advances for youth activities

Associations that have received a hiring grant from the Youth Sub-committee of the Culture and Leisure Committee in the previous year are eligible for an advance of up to a maximum of 50 procent of the grant amount from the previous year. 

The Partnership Manager of Youth Services decides on the advances. In special circumstances, the Partnership Manager may award a hiring  grant advance to associations, that have not received a hiring grant in the previous year while still  adhering to the Youth Sub-committee’s three-year policy on eligible organisations.

The deadline for applying for an advance for the following year is the end of the day on December 15th. You can apply for an advance on the grant with the form Application for an operating and hiring grant advance.

If you are applying for an advance, remember to also apply for the actual hiring grant by the end of February. The application for an advance is not an application for the actual grant. If an association applies for an advance but does not apply for or receive the actual grant, the advance will have to be recovered.

Read more about hiring grant for youth activities(Link leads to external service).

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