Contact information for cultural grants

For more information about Cultural Services and Support grants, please contact: 


Katri Tenhola, Special Planning Officer, tel. 09 310 27249, opens default mail program)

  • Urban culture and regional work, Helsinki Model, street art, circus

Jenni Peisa, Special Planning Officer, tel. 09 310 20455, opens default mail program)

  • Film and media art, multi-culture, events and festivals, grants for Alppipuisto summer events, development grants

Silja Nummi, Special Planning Officer, tel. 09 310 38995, opens default mail program)

  • Visual art, museums, classical music, choirs

Sara Kuusi, Special Planning Officer, tel. 09 310 32204, opens default mail program)

  • Grants to promote the cultural activities of the elderly, Helsinki Model

Inka Kunnala, Special Planning Officer, tel. 09 310 33 169, opens default mail program)

  • Performing arts, dance, grants for VOS organisations

Nina Gran, Special Planning Officer, tel. 09 310 37006, opens default mail program)

  • Children’s culture, literature and literary art, basic arts education, cultural education, cultural activities in Swedish

In addition, the following people work on different projects within the unit of Partnerships, Grants and Projects: 

Milka Salonen, project planner, tel. 09 310 33034, opens default mail program)

  • Project owner, a project to renew the operation of courses and events.

Riikka Mäkinen, project coordinator, tel. 09 310 35479, opens default mail program)

  • Estradi project.

Ulla Laurio, special planner, tel. 09 310 70137, opens default mail program)

  • Culture Kids, the effects of art and culture on well-being.

Ulla Bergström, Unit Manager, tel. 09 310 22 013, opens default mail program)

  • Unit Manager, partnerships

The Unit of Partnerships, Grants and Projects is part of the Cultural Services and Support, which is headed by service manager Veikko Kunnas (tel. 09 310 37002, opens default mail program)).

Our offices are located in Vallila. Our address is Fredriksberg, Konepajankuja 3, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland.