Grants awarded by the Education Division

The Education Division grants aid for pupils' after-school activities in accordance with the Basic Education Act as well as for liberal adult education. The grant can be applied for once a year during an application period announced by the City.

Grant application for organisers of after-school activities for school children

The grant is intended for organising after-school activities in accordance with the Basic Education Act for pupils in grades 1 to 2 and in all grades in special needs education attending school in Helsinki.

Organisations, parishes, foundations, limited companies, associations and private service providers can apply for an grant for organising after-school activities.

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Optional extra grant application for after-school activity organisers

An optional extra grant can be applied for by afternoon activity organisations, parishes, foundations, communities and private service providers, which have been awarded an operating grant from the Education Division for organising afternoon activities as specified in the Basic Education Act.

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Aid for Liberal Adult Education 

The City of Helsinki’s Education Committee grants aid for adult education within the scope of the Act on Liberal Adult Education, which is mainly aimed at adult Helsinki residents. Private educational institutions or registered associations that cooperate with the Finnish-language Adult Education Centre in promoting and implementing adult education may apply for grants within the scope of the Act on Liberal Adult Education. In addition, grants may be awarded to student associations at the Adult Education Centre.  

The grant funding for liberal adult education is based on the City of Helsinki’s commitment to also support non-municipal providers of liberal adult education in Helsinki. The purpose of the grant is to increase the availability of liberal adult education in Helsinki and cooperation between different educational institutions and associations.  

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