Education, general grant

General grants can be applied for by registered organisations, which have been operational for at least a year and whose operations are aimed for the benefit of the people of Helsinki. The general grant application can be used to apply for Liberal Adult Education, among other things.

The application must be filed within the application period.

The application may be supplemented and appendices may be provided after the application period.

Education Division, apply for a general grant

Apply for a grant online.

How the process works

1. The general grant decisions are made by the Education Committee and the Executive Director.
2. The applicant will be informed about the decision by mail.
3. The grant awarded is paid to the bank account of the applicant foundation.
4. A report concerning the use of the grant must be provided with next year's application. Even if the grant is not applied for the next year, a report must still be provided. In the latter case, the report may be made using the message feature.

Validity period

Once an application has been sent in, it is valid until the decision has been made or until it has been cancelled.

Use the online service

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Requires authentication.

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