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Sports, grant application for events

1. Applicant details

Community for which the grant is being applied for

The indicated information has been retrieved from the register of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH), and changing the information is only possible in the online service in question.


Provide here a community email address that is actively read. Contact requests related to the grant application, such as requests for further clarification and completion, will be sent to the email address.
Provide the email address to which you want the messages and notifications related to this application to be sent and which is actively read.

Contact person for the application



If you want to add, delete or change address information, save the application as a draft and go to maintain the address information in your own data.

Account number

If you want to add, delete or change account number information, save the application as a draft and go to maintain the account number information in your own data.

Persons responsible for operations

If you want to add, delete or change people, save the application as a draft and go to maintain the people's information in your own data.

2. Grant details

Grant details

▢ 2024
▢ 2025
Please note that eligibility criteria for different grants might change from year to year.

Types of grant


Event information

An affirmative answer in the following opens further questions
▢ Yes
▢ No
▢ Yes
▢ No
▢ Yes
▢ No
▢ Yes
▢ No
▢ Yes
▢ No


The estimated numbers must include the participants whom the event engages in physical activity. As such, the estimates should exclude the participating audience and volunteers, for example.
Participants 20 years and older
Participants under the age of 20

Timing of the event


3. Event budget

Event's revenue

Itemise the event’s revenue by type. Also record any other grants for the event and the parties that issued them.
Income item

Event's expenditure

Itemise the event’s expenditure by type (e.g. venue rent, labour costs).
Expense item

4. Additional information and attachments

Additional information concerning the application

If necessary, you can write additional information or other justifications related to the application.



All the attachments listed below must be submitted for the processing of the grant application. The grant application may be rejected if the attachments are not submitted. If any of the attachments is missing, let us know in the Further clarification on attachments section of the application.

Required attachments:
  • Free form event plan (a broader description of the event, its organisation and the target group)
  • Event budget (if its not sufficiently indicated on the application form)
If the applicant has not previously applied for any grants from the City of Helsinki or if any of the relevant information has changed, an extract from the relevant register for the organisation type must also be attached to the application.
The contents of the attachments cannot be viewed afterwards

Please note that you will not be able to open the attachments after you have attached them to the form. You will only see the file name of the attachment.

Although you cannot view the attachments afterwards, the attachments to the form are sent along with the other information on the form to the grant application processor.