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Current news on grants for youth activities

The City of Helsinki grant application services have been renewed, and now it is important that you check that your association’s information is correct! 

The grant types and forms for youth activities are available on our website at address:

You must log in and identify yourself to submit an application. We use e-Identification for the login process. Please make sure that the association’s basic information in the Finnish Register of Associations is correct and that authorisations in the service are in order.

For instructions on how to use the city’s grant application services, see address:

The association bulletin is now the youth services partner newsletter! 

The partner newsletter is aimed at Helsinki-based youth associations, youth groups and anyone interested in the support offered by the city for civic activities of the youth. The newsletter provides information about the youth services and the services of the City of Helsinki, as well as current news. The letter also contains information on activities or services offered by other parties.   

In 2023, the partner newsletter will be published on Monday, 6 February; Monday, 3 April; Monday, 4 September; and Monday, 4 December. 

Click here to subscribe to our youth services partner newsletter. (in finnish)

The youth services partner newsletter is in Finnish only. 

Already published youth services partner newsletters:

December 2023

October 2023

September 2023

April 2023

February 2023 

January 2023 

The Finnish Model for Leisure Activities has brought hobbies into the context of the school day 

Free leisure activities are available for pupils in grades 3–9 in all the comprehensive schools of Helsinki. Nearly 6,000 children and young people are already participating in the activities. If you are interested in taking part in the implementation of leisure activities in accordance with the wishes of children and young people before 17.00 at school premises or in their immediate vicinity, click here to read the detailed instructions.

Read more: Becoming a partner for the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities 

Ongoing grant application procedures 

All grants for youth activities are applied for through the e-service using the youth services forms. The attachments required for the application must also be submitted via the e-service. You can also submit attachments in electronic format after submitting the actual application. 

The deadlines for the submission of grant applications are: 

The last day of February 

  • Hiring grants for the current year 
  • Operating grants for the current year 

31 October 

  • Holiday camp grants for the upcoming season of 1 November to 31 October 
  • Holiday camp grant reports for the past period of 1 November to 31 October 

December 15 

  • Hiring grant advances for the coming year 
  • Operating grant advances for the coming year 

Continuous application procedure 

Project grants can be applied for throughout the year. However, the application must be submitted before the project or event in question. A report on granted project grants must be submitted using the project grant report form by the date specified in the decision. 

Start grants can be applied for throughout the year. However, you cannot receive both a start grant and an operating grant during the same year. 

Club grants can be applied for throughout the year. However, the application must be submitted before the project or event in question. 

Book spaces free of charge 

The City of Helsinki has multi-purpose facilities in youth centres, at summer camps and at other locations around the city. Youth groups, associations and other actors can reserve these spaces for their own use for organising group and camp activities, for example. 

Youth centres on the map and their contact details

Book spaces for youth activities

Printing office and layout workshop services to be discontinued 

The printing office service of the youth services partner unit was closed on 1 August 2023.  

The youth services management group made the decision to discontinue the service on 21 March 2023. For more information on the decision, please contact Markku Toivonen, Partnership Manager, tel. +358 41 512 1747. 

Subscribe to decision information 

You can receive agendas for the meetings of the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division Youth Sub-committee and decision information directly to your email by subscribing to the newsletter in STT Info.  Go to the STT Info website to subscribe to the newsletter. 

Reminder on using the Helsinki logo 

Whenever possible, grant recipients must include the City of Helsinki logo in their information and marketing materials. There is a Finnish and Swedish version, as well as a bilingual version of the logo. In any case, the recipient must mention the City of Helsinki as a sponsor of the event. Download the logo of the City of Helsinki.

Culture and Leisure Division news 

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